Questions To Ask Before Renting A Limousine Or Party Bus

Renting a limo or a party bus for your special occasion could be exciting. However, you should be confident always with the company you select when making a good choice for your reservation.

Limousine or party bus rental companies obviously cater to different crowds in different events. Some may be relatively expensive and some to provide airport services. If it is the first time you are renting a party bus or a limo, here are some questions you might need to ask before making the decision to what company are you going to get a service.


  • Ask about the experience of the company in the transport service or how many years they have been operating. Older companies obviously have more experience in dealing with customers and this means that they are sure to be a reliable company.


  • Inquire about their license in order for them to operate a limo or party bus rental firm. Federal authority is required for transportation companies in order for them to operate their vehicles so you must ask for it too and also a state or local license may be required also. A good company should always prepare documents like this for asking potential customers.


  • Ask about the insurance they carry and what will happen if accidents occur or are they having a commercial insurance. This is important just in case something will happen. It’s better that you also know all about it. If the company is a good one like denver party bus, they will provide you a copy of these certificates.


  • Ask if the limo company is associated with a trustworthy organization like the National Limousine Association or any national or local membership. Knowing that they are a part of an organization means that they have a standard of service to follow and it’s a good thing.


  • Ask for the company’s website and check for reviews and rating from their previous customers. Check their reputation on review sites like Google and CitySearch.


  • Check the vehicle you are considering to rent in person if you have time or ask the company for an email of updated pictures and description and current state of the vehicle. You want the best vehicle for your guest, right? Is the interior clean?


  • Ask the company if they are offering any discounts and coupons that you can use. If you can avail any discounts would be great.


  • Ask the firm about the rent if it is by event or hourly rate and also ask about the overtime charge. Ask about the starting time policy because every company has different arrangements, some may charge as soon as the bus leaves the garage and others based on the pick-up time.


  • Inquire about the tip policy for the chauffer. Some have mandatory tip police for their driver so be sure you don’t accidentally double the tip. Also ask about the driver of the company, experiences, license and training.


  • Before hiring a limo or bus, ask a copy of contract and be sure to read all the details. Ensure that all the details are correct like the date and time, the pick-up and the drop-off.

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