If you are thinking now that you can give everything to your dog as their meal, that is wrong. You have to select few dog’s food as they could bring unhealthy factors to the dogs in the future. Make sure that you know the table foods that cant be given to them. In this way, they would be healthy and energetic throughout the day. It is ok to give paws dog treats but make sure you know your limitations in giving them. You don’t want to waste money sending them to doctors and sometimes that is the cause of their death. So, better and make sure that you have the knowledge about which food to be given.

  1. Dogs should not be given some chocolates as they are not like humans that they can accept to digest the stimulant in their body. It is similar to coffee that we are drinking. It is going to be dangerous and poisonous that can be the cause of their fatal death. This kind of stimulant that is part of chocolates can attack the nervous system and even the part of the body of the dogs that they are not able to walk and to breathe anymore.
  2. Like the sweet chocolate food. Dogs should not be allowed to taste food and drinks with caffeine. Based on the research, they are more reactant and sensitive when it comes to tasting even a bit of coffee than human beings. The same thing goes to the tea. So, make sure that they can’t sip even a drop of it.
  3. We love to put some spices to our foods when we are cooking and that is the reason why dogs can’t eat human foods because we use garlic, onions and other spices that cant be a good idea for them to chew and digest.
  4. If you have seen some molds already to the bread and other dairy products. Don’t you every give them to the dogs as they are toxic to it. You should throw them away so that your pet can’t have the chance to eat it.
  5. If you are fun of feeding them some nuts, don’t try it next time. As after 12 hours of taking it, it can cause vomiting and depression and even having a hard time to breath. So, don’t try it again.
  6. Even many people think that dogs can drink milk like humans. Milk that dogs are drinking is a different one.
  7. Some people might think that dogs love eat bones, yes they are but be careful of giving it to them. Bones can be caused of choking and blocking in their throat. If you are going to give them a bone, then make sure that you are there to look after them.
  8. If apples are good for dogs, then grapes and raisins are not a good idea to feed them. It is very poisonous and it highly toxicity to them.

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