General cleaning is the common name for calling a task or job to totally clean out the whole thing about your house. It includes kitchen, bathroom, living room and even bedrooms. It is also part of this is the garden or backyard that you have. In every room there should be a specific time allotment for you to clean them. You have to consider about the things that might interrupt you during the time that you are cleaning it. The cleaning services, CA provides their people and man power about the basic to a certain level of home management when it comes to proper cleaning and disposing things to give a satisfying and pleasant ambiance to your house.  


Some people are cleaning their house but not entirely the whole part of the house. They usually don’t consider or take a time to clean the deeper and hidden area of the house. Or most of the house people would be tired of cleaning the surfaces of the window or even just wiping the desk or chairs.  

Start with dusting all the surfaces with your feather duster. Make sure that you would spend time in doing this as you could not easily remove them easily. It includes the items and furniture like table, desk, chair, dressers, cabinets, computer tables and the bookshelves there. If you don’t have time to buy a duster or there is no any supermarket near you place then you just have to be creative and inventive like using the old cloth or damp cloths that you don’t need to use anymore. You can use a wet wipe as well as they are considered as one of the bests when it comes to removing the dusts that sticks to the vase or tables. You have to make sure that you dust as well all the items and objects on the table and even inside the cabinet or bookshelves.  

After that, you can start getting the dusts on the floor. You can use the broom that is soft so that it won’t harsh the surface of your floor. If you wanted to make this one easier, you can have your vacuum cleaner be used with this. Especially if the ground has a carpet or even any other covering there. You could mop the floor if it is made of tiles.  

Go with the windows now, you can use a duster first and then try to wipe away all the dust with a dry cloth. In this way all the dust will be removed easily. After that you can wet the damp cloth and try to wipe again the window. Now, it will look even shiner than before. You need to do this as will to all door knobs and picture frames that you have there. Remove all the cobwebs as well in the area of your house that is very hard to get. You can get s tick and put a cloth on the end of it.  

Sprayed your place with disinfectant and some floral fragrance to make It even more attractive.